Per Annum

It’s been more than a  year since my mastectomy. For me, this was the biggest step forward after months of agonizing waiting for a full plan after my initial diagnosis with breast cancer. I was terrified, but I welcomed it. It was action.

It was also really, really hard to bounce back from. Think I’m almost there?

Things I’ve learned in the past 18 months include:

  • How to be a little more empathetic.
  • Renewed marvel at my husband’s capacity for love, patience, and humor.
  • Humbling reminder that my friends are incredible, caring people.
  • Support comes in many forms.
  • Everybody wants to share their story.

In addition, I have a significantly lower tolerance for bullshit, am trying to master dressing for a new body shape, and have a renewed commitment to exercise. So…progress.

Of course I’m still afraid that recurrence might happen. And will be on Tamoxifen for the next 4-9 years. But I go to the doctor a lot less frequently.  Not sure when/if there’s really a moment when someone blows the “all clear” whistle or if one just gets used to this brand of normal.